"Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing" - Barry Finlay


I’m Classie Ehrhard, a brand strategist and mindset coach for entrepreneurs, mental health professional, taco connoisseur, lover of binge watching Netflix, mother to my fur baby, and photographer. 


I’m a millennial, yes! Growing up my love for people and the world around us has always interested me. I have always been a giver and a deeply invested empath. It wasn't until I learned to lean in, connect, and sit with my soul that I began to give myself permission to not only love but to understand myself.


 My life, just as yours, is a series of intricate testimonies, experiences, and memories.  Each of which are expressions of every piece of me playing to a synchronous tune that will be come the rhythm and dance called "my life." The power of writing, of words, of experiences are forever branded on our hearts, minds, and our souls. This is connection. And when you touch your own

humility you connect with the soul of the universe. 

You connect with those around you.

Whether its a side business or a small business, an online shop or brick an mortar storefront, a freelance gig or a professional position in a company, I help leaders like you bridge the gap between who and where you are to who and where you want to be. 


The truth is, I’m pursuing my passion of helping people find hope and experience healing in both their business and personal lives. So let’s help you pursue yours! 

"When you touch your own humility
you connect with the soul of the universe"


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I'm Classie Ehrhard, a big city

meets Arkansas girl that loves

nurturing relationships and relationship marketing who turned a hand-me-down pawnshop camera into a thriving empire! Now, I'm sharing all my knowledge with you!

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